About me...


I am an Iowa native and I have lived and worked in Muscatine and the surrounding area for the past twenty years. An opportunity to provide a better life for my family brought me here in 1998 and I have called Muscatine home ever since. For a time I operated my own business, providing tech support services to small business, this showed me how integral the small business owner is to communities like ours and difficulties that go along with running one. 


In addition to working with the business community, I have been involved with the community in other ways by volunteering with different groups and events to help those in need. This has shown me the great strength that is required by so many in our community to make ends meet and raise a family.

The past two years on the Muscatine City Council have shown me that while our local government is crucial to our everyday lives, we need to make some corrections at the state level in order to have the right tools locally.

I have spent most of my career troubleshooting problems and finding solutions.


My goal is to bring this same approach to the Iowa State House.

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